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We are writing to tell you about the terrible situation of street dogs in Greece. Because of the ten-year-long financial crisis, Greek people struggle to feed themselves, let alone their pets. So, they dump them. Countless thousands of dogs depend on animal lovers like you for their precious lives.

The scale of the need is almost too great to put into words.

Heartless people drive to a place called Aspropyrgos near Athens, a run-down area full of abandoned buildings and gypsy camps, and there, they dump their pets and drive away, while the confused and scared dogs chase the cars, pleading to be let back in.

We and our partners, Ghost Dogs, do all we can, to save as many dogs as we can. On our most recent rescue mission, under an old rusty car, we found an abandoned mother whom we named Sarah, and her puppies. Sarah was starving, emaciated and weak, yet somehow, she managed to care for her five puppies. The team rushed to her aid, feeding her and her babies.

Then we found Drew, a gentle mixed breed. A sadist had skewered Drew’s private parts with a metal clip and used it to chain him to a tree. Every move he made filled his poor life with utter agony. What kind of warped monster would impale a dog’s private parts?

These are just two of the thousands of dogs like Sarah and Drew who need our help. Abandoned pets quickly fall victim to hit-and-run drivers, or they get terrible sexually transmitted diseases, or they fall victim to hunger and disease, or they fall into the clutches of torturing monsters. The simple truth is that without us, dogs like Sarah and Drew, would die.

Vets and shelters are overloaded, and often rescuers have no choice but to leave animals behind, only visiting them to make sure that they have food and water. We are doing everything we can - we rescue, treat, spay and neuter dogs and try to find them new homes.

Vets are expensive and have limited space. We are urgently seeking a piece of land in Aspropyrgos, where we can build a rehabilitation center, a place where dogs can recover from their ordeals and have the best chance of becoming fully healthy and then, hopefully, adopted.

If you possibly can, please give generously to Network for Animals today so we can continue to rescue street dogs and give them the normal life they deserve, snatched from them when they were abandoned. Your donation will make their lives better. It’s that clear and that important.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founder and CEO

P.S. As an animal lover, you know that dogs are our most faithful and loving friends. Please help us create a rehabilitation center for abandoned animals so Sarah and her puppies, and all the other dogs we help, can have a better life.

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