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With our recent, tireless focus on helping defenseless animals caught in the terrifying war in Ukraine... and, recently, on rescuing terrified animal survivors after the devastating earthquake in Turkey...

... some people might assume we just haven’t had the time to rush to the aid of other animals in dire need around the world.

NOTHING could be further from the truth!

It is our solemn pledge to you and the animals that, finances willing, if an animal is hurt or injured, we WILL help. Today, I hope YOU will help us come to the aid of animals suffering beyond Ukraine and Turkey…

Right now, a homeless, suffering street dog called Ping Ping
URGENTLY needs your help and your love.

It all started when our dedicated partners at the Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary were looking for a dog suspected of having a terrible and highly contagious cancer called TVT.

I’ll tell you more about TVT among street dogs in a moment.

But if not for nearby children who were screaming in horror and pointing at poor Ping Ping as she lay silent and helpless, we might have missed her entirely.

The little dog’s bladder was grotesquely swollen and protruding from
her vaginal opening! How on EARTH had she even managed to move, let alone scrounge for food all alone on the streets!

PLEASE, donate whatever you can now to help fund Ping Ping’s urgent care and complete recovery, so she won’t have to endure a moment’s heartache and pain.

Thanks to resources from previous, caring support like yours, the Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary team was able to rush her to the clinic.


The workday was ending. But our partner’s veterinarian knew in an INSTANT this was life or death. Without hesitation, he and a volunteer nurse worked late into the night to perform emergency surgery to save Ping Ping’s life!

The deeper they went past the splitting skin and swollen arteries - the worse it got!

A miscarriage had left rotting tissue in Ping Ping, causing a giant prolapsed uterus that pushed the poor pup’s swollen and infected bladder OUTSIDE her body.


Ping Ping couldn’t urinate. Couldn’t defecate. And if not for our Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary partners, she would have died. Imagine the excruciating pain she must have been in as she lay in agony, ignored by everyone except our partner?

The veterinary team pulled Ping Ping through. But she’s anemic, and still has
a severe infection and separate hernia. She URGENTLY needs a friend like you.

There is much to do. Whatever you can donate today will fund Ping Ping’s recovery - her medicines, special food and another surgery, if needed. PLEASE help however you can!

It seems inconceivable that any dog should suffer as much as Ping Ping has. She’s so gentle.
How it must have felt to hear those screams of horror, to feel such pain, when all she wanted was love and an iota of relief.


THIS is our chance, to make sure that little Ping Ping knows only love and healing from this day on.

In Ukraine, in Turkey, wherever the animals need us, with your kindness and urgent generosity behind us, we WILL be there - and with your help now, together, we WILL give Ping Ping the life she deserves.

Please donate whatever you can, right now if you can. Thank you for never turning away!

For the animals,


Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. You’ll be so relieved to know that our Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary partners were ALSO able to return to the streets and track down the sick pup with contagious TVT cancer! Called Transmissible Venereal Tumor, it’s beyond painful, with lesions and tumors near the genitals, nose, mouth, and sometimes eyes - where animals sniff, lick, and spread the cancer. The little dog is now on his fourth round of chemotherapy, and like Ping Ping, EVERY dollar or pound you donate will make a massive difference in his life and ensure the cancer can’t continue its agonizing spread.

Please donate for Ping Ping, and add a bit extra if you’re able, so together we can stop the agony caused by canine TVT! You are truly a light, and a life-saver!

Banner image credit: Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary

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