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Over 500 terrified dogs were caught in a devastating flood that swept through the Al Rabee shelter in the death zone region of Jordan.

We urgently need your help to quickly fund the rebuilding efforts, emergency supplies, and rescue missions for missing dogs.

Al Rabee shelter flood damage

Credit: Al Rabee

Every single dog at the Al Rabee shelter was rescued from the perilous streets of Aqaba, where they faced unthinkable cruelty and misery. Often, street dogs meet their end in cruel and tragic waysgunned down, poisoned, or subjected to horrific violence, including being dragged behind vehicles or beaten mercilessly. Sadly, some Jordanians continue to view dogs as pests that must be exterminated. Amidst the harrowing devastation, there was hope as most dogs miraculously managed to survive. However, our hearts weigh heavy as we mourn the tragic loss of two dogs in the disaster. We MUST help the shelter as quickly as possible!


Al Rabee offers shelter and protection to the street dogs of Aqaba, who would otherwise face the cruelty of the many Jordanians who see them as pests to be exterminated, often by inhumane and violent methods.

Credit: Al Rabee

The dogs need you now!

Freak torrential rain caused flash flooding and immense damage to their shelter, leaving their 500 animals terrified, frantic and in need of help!

The heavy rain caused flooding and destroyed everything in its path, kennels, retaining walls, and fencing. We must rush emergency funds as quickly as possible. Please donate right now!

With your help, we can get Al Rabee the support they need as quickly as possible because it’s the only hope for the dogs who live there. If we can raise $7,000 (£5,670), we can rush funds for the rebuilding efforts, emergency supplies, and rescue missions for missing dogs. PLEASE HELP by donating generously now.


Credit: Al Rabee

​​With your donation, we can rebuild shelter for the terrified dogs and spare them the prospect of being returned to the streets where they will surely die. More than that, your support can help us mitigate future disasters, ensuring that the dogs can continue to thrive in their sanctuary, free from harm and fear.

Time is of the essence. We humbly ask you to extend your generosity and help us by donating right now.


Credit: Al Rabee

Your support is the lifeline for these animals, and they deserve nothing less. Remember, without our supporters and us, they have no one else to turn to.

For the animals,


Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. Jordanian dogs need you more than ever. Please, be a hero for these animals today. Your contribution is their beacon of hope amidst despair. Thank you for standing alongside us in our mission to stop their suffering. With your help, we can rebuild Al Rabee, promising a brighter, safer future for every animal in their care.

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