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In the dangerous slums of Mitchells Plain, South Africa (Cape Town), poverty and desperation are part of the daily fabric of life. But now with fear of COVID-19 added to the mix, havoc reigns – and animals are suffering more than ever. We (they!) need your help today!

What we are about to tell you is so horrific that it is difficult to write these words.


Our team was alerted by South Africa’s Animal Welfare Society (AWS) to this appalling evil. It's heartbreaking, but it seems some people are taking their corona lockdown frustration out on street dogs, and that some individuals find it easier to bury a dog alive then get the poor creature proper care. It may sound incredible, but we deal with things like this every day.

Rex’s spine was deliberately broken, and he was left to die…


In one case, a brindle pitbull had its back deliberately broken and was then buried alive. The dog, who we named Rex, was waist-deep in sand, crying out in fear and pain as he tried and failed to free himself.

The team carefully dug Rex out and noticed the dog was unable to stand. Rex was given emergency medical treatment, but his spine was completely severed. Sadly, Rex's life could not be saved, and he had to be peacefully put to sleep. AWS has opened a case of animal cruelty and an investigation is underway.


But this is not an isolated case - every time we go into the poor shanty towns of South Africa, we are inundated with sick, injured and hungry street dogs. Not all the dogs are victims of such extreme cruelty as Rex was, but beatings, kicking and casual cruelty are common.

Plus, the dogs are hungry - many free services have closed down because of the crashing economy caused by COVID-19.

The demands on our team are almost overwhelming. Only with the help of you and animal lovers like you, can we step up and deal with this appalling suffering. Your donations really, really help make our work possible.

We save street dogs every day!

Sadly, we could not save Rex, but we save others every day. As you read this, street dogs are being helped by our team - they are getting food, they are being rescued and we are providing them with emergency medical care.

With your help, we will intensify our efforts in the slum areas and stop cruelty in its tracks. We can do it but we need your help to do so. Any small amount you donate will go towards rescue missions for abused dogs, food and medicine.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founders Network for Animals

P.S. Because the long-term solution to animal cruelty is to teach people that animals have feelings and must receive proper care, we also have to intensify our educational outreach program. To you and us, who know how dogs enrich our lives, it may seem crazy, but many people in these poor areas do not understand that dogs feel pain and suffer just like humans. If you can donate today, please do so, so that we can carry on our vital work.

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