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As soon as we received the email from Thai Animal Sanctuary, the amazing haven that’s rescuing tragically abused and neglected animals in the remote hills of Western Thailand, we knew we had to share the story with you.

They are so grateful for the ongoing support made possible by your donations.

But the rainy season there has been DISASTROUS… and they urgently need our help today. “It’s the worst I’ve seen in 13 years,” wrote Denise, the caring sanctuary manager.
“Entire walls were washed away.”

Yet amid the damage and ruinous flooding, the Thai Animal Sanctuary is still doing their best to rescue animals in need! Can you donate today to help them rebuild and save more animals?

One of the dogs saved was Hans. A monk discovered poor Hans dumped at his temple. Bones were protruding from what remained of her left front leg!

That wasn’t all. Hans’s right foot was mangled too. The Thai Animal Sanctuary doesn’t have money for an x-ray machine – vets initially thought she’d chewed her feet away.

“We later discovered most of the bones in her right foot were shattered,” wrote Denise. “We think this happy, loving girl was hit really hard on both feet.”

Hans required extensive and costly surgery and treatment for vets to save what was left of her front legs. She is such a bright soul whose tail keeps wagging!

“She would really benefit from a prosthetic,” Denise told us. “Alas, we cannot afford that. I have emailed quite a few companies asking for help, but nothing yet.”

We are hoping to send as much urgent funding as possible so the sanctuary can cover costs and future care for pups like Hans, but we can’t do it without you.

In the expert hands of the Thai Animal Sanctuary staff, you can see what a sweet girl Hans has become. How we long to help this once-suffering pup put the past behind her forever.

Animal lovers like you have been so good to help us help the Thai Animal Sanctuary.

Please, if you can possibly donate to ease Denise’s worries over rebuilding costs and get the right help for precious creatures like Hans, we would be so grateful.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founder and CEO

P.S. Denise’s email closed with, “And a big thank you for your ongoing support.” Without your support, so many animals at our sanctuary, like Hans, never would have even a chance at life and love. Staff are working tirelessly to rebuild. Please donate whatever you can now to help us help them. Thank you!

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