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If graphic images upset you, please don’t scroll any further. The image of Ocho the cat above is the least graphic one we have to show what this gentle, sweet cat has endured.

We are urgently appealing for your help to fund Ocho’s care and rehabilitation, and to keep resources in place to rescue other animals suffering from unspeakable abuse.

Put simply, we need you.

It breaks our heart to imagine that Ocho’s friendly personality may have led to his gruesome torture.

Some barbaric human had deliberately picked up this innocent stray, then wrapped a thick rubber band around his tiny body so tightly there was no way Ocho could chew it off.

Then they simply walked away, leaving the band to burrow deeper into Ocho’s flesh.

Day by agonizing day.


Can you see why poor Ocho so desperately needs your love and support?!

Please, if you can, give as generously as you’re able to, to fund Ocho the cat’s recovery. He’s now part of the way healed but his wounds are massive, and we really need your help.

If you’re still considering how much you can give to help Ocho, there’s something else you should know about this precious friend.

The vet suspects that Ocho also has an upper respiratory tract infection and a liver problem.

But until his horrific wounds can fully heal, and the skin closes up, it’s too risky to treat.
And would you believe that, through it all, this tough tuxedo kitty never lost
his affection for humans? It’s true!

It’s also one of the things that will make giving to help Ocho feel so good today, Gloria. He will really, really appreciate the love and urgent care you send him.

Please, if you can, donate now.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read Ocho’s ‘before’ story, Gloria, and for having the courage to see how much he has suffered. We hope you will be part of his ‘after’ story today too.

Your donation now for Ocho’s continuing care and treatment will change his life forever.

Thank you again, with all our hearts, for caring about animals the way you do.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founders Network for Animals

P.S. We don’t have any ‘after’ photos of Ocho yet... but please know the horrific wounds he suffered at the hands of some twisted torturer are slowly closing up. If you can donate to his care today, your gift will also help save other animals from despicable crimes of abuse – and help us find each friend a loving forever home in your honor when they are healed. Thank you again for giving if you can. And thank you for being part of our NFA family.

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