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You may remember Yupi, a little ginger cat we told you about who we found lying in a gutter in Manila. Poor Yupi was covered in crusty and painful scabs, terribly emaciated and severely dehydrated. It was so difficult to hold back the tears when we saw this poor kitty’s tiny body.

We found Yupi during a recent stray animal feeding program, with our partners from Love and Hope for Stray Animals (LHFSA), in the Philippines.

We found Yupi in the nick of time. He had a painful skin disease and was on the brink of death. A friendly vet rushed to meet us and provided emergency care. Thanks to Network for Animals’ supporters, we were able to pay for his treatment and rehabilitation.

Yupi is currently being fostered by a kindhearted animal lover until he is well enough to go to a forever home. He is healing fast, has gained weight and his coat is now shiny and soft.

So many dogs and cats are hurting in the streets of the Philippines. As COVID-19 restrictions continue in virtually every facet of daily life in the Philippines, street animals are growing increasingly desperate.

Thank you so much for your support! Without it, we would not be able to help animals like Yupi who desperately need a lifeline!

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