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We have great news from Israel! Alfie, the pregnant donkey who lost her leg to a bear trap, is making a remarkable recovery. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, her treatment has been a success and she is gaining strength every day while she waits for her prosthesis. And even better, her unborn baby is doing well too. Alfie is going to be a mom soon!

Alfie was one of Israel's donkeys to fall prey to a bear trap's vicious steel jaws. While she was grazing in the brush, Alfie got her front leg caught in the trap, cutting her leg in two! Can you imagine the pain?

Our team was called to the rescue to help Alfie, whose leg was bleeding profusely from the stump where her foot had been. And thanks to your help, our partner, the Starting Over Sanctuary, was able to get her the emergency medical attention she needed in the town of Beit Dagan, where it was also discovered that she was pregnant!

Thankfully, the baby has survived the ordeal and, after an ultrasound exam, is expected to be born any day now.

Alfie is now enjoying maternity leave at the Sanctuary. She is getting the best care possible while she waits for her prosthesis, made with the latest technology for extra comfort.

Alfie still has a way to go until her healing is complete, but with the help of our supporters, we know she will make it and be a great mom to her new foal. Please feel free to send us name suggestions!

But Alfie is not the only donkey to have endured this horrendous fate; Our partners in Israel say that there have been several other donkeys in the rural area of Givat Tal who’ve lost their lives in this way. Bear traps don't discriminate!

We are committed to changing this dreadful situation, promising to help as many donkeys as possible.

Thank you for your continued support; without it, Alfie and her baby would not have made it.

Read more about Alfie's story here.


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