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Recently, we were alerted to the tragic plight of two animals rescued by African Tails, a non-profit organization that works with many of the township animals of Cape Town, South Africa.

Pretty Boy and JP, a cat and dog both rescued in rural parts of the Western Cape, were both in a shocking state on their arrival at African Tails and were in need of urgent and serious medical attention.

Pretty Boy was surrendered by his owners after likely being hit by a car. When African Tails arrived in response to a call for help, they discovered a soft, gentle cat covered in injuries and walking on a days-old open fracture, with bone piercing through the skin of his hind leg. He had been in this terrible state for an entire weekend. Pretty Boy was in unbearable pain and in desperate need of treatment. The team on the ground rushed him to the vet, shortly after which the difficult but necessary decision was made to remove his injured leg.

At the same time, we became aware of JP, a tiny puppy found dumped in the middle of nowhere, trembling under bushes. The terrified creature was not even six months old. After being rescued, a veterinary check-up revealed a dangerous complication; X-ray examinations of a hard lump in JP’s stomach showed a very large, skull-like object lodged in the puppy’s stomach. It’s likely that JP would have died had he not been found by the African Tails team. JP was in urgent need of treatment and luckily, we were able to help.

Through our Little Acts of Kindness program, Network for Animals is able to help animals like JP and Pretty Boy, who have been failed by humans and rescued by organizations that work around the clock, usually on shoestring budgets, to save their lives. Both of these little souls required costly treatment, and thanks to your endless compassion for animals, we were able to pay for Pretty Boy’s amputation as well as the operation JP will soon have to remove the obstruction in his stomach, once he is strong enough for surgery.

After being saved from death’s door, both Pretty Boy and JP are now doing incredibly well. Pretty Boy is making three legs look easy and is currently in the care of a foster home, where he has a strong appetite and a second chance at happiness. His previous owners have agreed to give him up so that he can find a new, loving home where he'll be properly cared for. JP meanwhile is fast acclimatizing to his new life and will be receiving surgery soon. Having been rescued by African Tails, he will never have to suffer again, and his life from here on out will only get better! They will make sure he finds the perfect forever home where he is always loved and cared for.

These are the sort of success stories that your support makes possible. Thank you from us, and from Pretty Boy and JP. Your continued support and donations have allowed us to change the lives of these two little animals forever.

Please, donate generously to Network for Animals so our good work can continue in changing the fates of neglected, abandoned and abused animals all over the world. It is only through your generosity that we can continue to save, treat and give hope to animals in desperate need.


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