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The Wild Vegan Farm Animal Sanctuary (WVFAS), located in a rural valley in South Africa’s Gauteng province, cares for 174 rescued farm animals. From alpacas and donkeys to pot-bellied pigs, chickens, rabbits, ducks and dogs, the sanctuary is a haven for previously neglected and abused and animals.

But recently, they faced a crisis. The farm was frequently without water due to burst water pipes in the area. A lack of service delivery by the local municipality meant that WVFAS had to scramble to get enough water for all its animals, using water tanks, swimming pools and the help of neighbors. The sanctuary owner’s husband and children would carry 25-liter buckets of water up and down several times a day, after work and school, to keep the animals watered. Appealing to the local mayor for help did not make any difference at all.

The sanctuary’s goal was ultimately to drill a borehole so they would not have to depend on unreliable municipal water supplies.


We’re thrilled to report that, through their own fundraising and the help of our Little Acts of Kindness program, WVFAS was able to raise enough money to begin work on its borehole. “…Drilling for water to install a borehole to create a water supply to the sanctuary again is actually happening, handing us and our precious farmies the gift of survival,” WVFAS said on their Facebook page. “We are just in awe… and humbled… of how you rallied together to save a little sanctuary in the mountains, [including] Network for animals, for your generous pledge towards the sinking and installing of this life-giving borehole.”

Our Little Acts of Kindness program is made possible entirely through the generosity of supporters like you. Every time you donate, you bring so much hope to struggling animals and the sanctuaries and good Samaritans who care for them.

Please, whenever you possibly can, donate to Network for Animals. Your compassion changes – and saves – lives!

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