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Last year, we helped prevent twelve ponies in England (we call them the 'Dartmoor Dozen') from being shot when their owner was evicted from his land. He had no money to feed the ponies and so they were left starving. In such cases, the ponies are shot, placed in zoos or sold as meat.

Together with our partner, the HUGS Foundation, we saved the Dartmoor Dozen and relocated them to the safety of the HUGS shelter in Bodmin.

Most of the Dartmoor Dozen have been rehomed, but Gloria was extremely traumatized and needed long-term care. This poor girl was incredibly nervous when she arrived at HUGS and very wild! HUGS’ Laura Dennis said that no one could get near her because she was very defensive; lots of flying hooves and teeth!

It’s taken a while to gain her trust, but she is now running to meet staff when she sees them near her field, and HUGS is confident that the day is not far off when she will find a forever home, which is great news. This is Gloria today. We thought this photo might make you laugh. Happy Friday!

Read more about the 'Dartmoor Dozen's' story here.


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