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Recently, we were alerted to the plight of a sick kitten suffering on the streets of Kefalonia in Greece. She was tiny and malnourished, with eyes that appeared to be badly infected. If left untreated, eye infections in kittens can lead to permanent blindness, so we knew we had to act fast.

Our partner on the ground, Friends of Animals Kefalonia, managed to capture the kitten and get her to a vet. We named her Pumpkin and made sure she received immediate attention.

The vet confirmed that Pumpkin, only a month or two old, had already lost most of her vision and, if left untreated, would likely need to have surgery to remove her eyes. We didn’t want this poor animal to be subjected to the trauma of surgery – particularly after she’d already endured so much suffering in her short life.


We were able to get the right medication for Pumpkin and soon, the infection was brought under control. The vet estimates that she now has partial vision in one eye.

Today, just one month later, Pumpkin is a bright and sprightly little girl who races around as if she has 20/20 vision! But the best news of all is that this sweet kitten has found her fur-ever home. She’s loved and spoilt and living just like a normal cat. It’s the very best possible ending for a little cat from the streets of Kefalonia.

As always, we would never be able to help animals like Pumpkin without your ongoing and generous support. It is thanks to your donations that we’re able to care for animals around the world living in awful conditions. Your kindness makes it possible for us to help alleviate their suffering and pain – and they are so grateful to you.


Thank you from us, and thank you from Pumpkin. You are helping to change lives!


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