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Network for Animals has a policy of saving every animal it possibly can, one animal at a time if necessary.

So when our Cape Town team was alerted by our partner, Fallen Angels that a cat desperately needed help, we jumped into action.

Meet Himalaya, an extraordinary gentle girl who had been so shamefully treated that it makes us bitterly angry. Himalaya's family noticed that she had a wound on her chest but did nothing about it. When the wound got worse, they still ignored it. Only when the wound started to smell did they contact Fallen Angels, saying they had a cat they did not want anymore.

That’s when we stepped in. We could not believe our eyes when we met Himalaya. She had a horrible, throbbing wound that must have been agonizing for her, yet she still came to us and rubbed her head against us affectionately. Such a sweet cat and yet so cruelly and needlessly abused, we got her out of there immediately and rushed her to the vet.

The vet started treatment immediately and has cleaned and bandaged the wound. We are still not sure what caused the wound, but it’s possible that Himalaya has cancer that will need expensive treatment.

But have no fear, we will be there for Himalaya no matter how expensive her treatment is because she has been shamefully treated and deserves better. NFA exists to help in situations like this.

Thanks to our supporters’ generosity, we are able to help Himalaya and thousands of other cats around the world. We feed street cats in Greece, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Montenegro, Thailand and the Philippines. We also conduct spay and neuter programs and provide medical care for cats in all these places and more.

We can’t do this work without you, and we thank you for the donations you give, but our thanks is nothing compared to the gratitude that Himalaya and all the other cats feel because without you, they would most probably be dead.


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