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We are a source of hope for Spanish hunting dogs

In Spain, hunting dogs – known as galgos – are tortured in their thousands each year. These poor creatures are frequently subjected to the horrifying fate of being exploited for one hunting season and then cruelly tortured and discarded like trash. The depth of suffering they endure is unimaginable: they are starved, hurled into dark wells, savagely beaten, targeted in shooting practices, poisoned or, possibly worst of all, hung alive from trees. We cannot stand idly by with clear conscience as this abuse persists.

We are working with two organizations – Foundation Jadoul and PACMA – who work tirelessly to provide the best possible care to animals in need, like abused, traumatized and discarded galgos. With your support for this project, we can help to treat, rehabilitate and rehome these animals so they never again have to feel the brutal hand of abuse ever again.


Spanish hunting dogs are one of the most abused breeds in the world. Credit: World Animals Voice


Turkey is the scene of an appalling animal welfare scandal. In a 20-square mile (50-square kilometer) area around Tepecik in southeastern Turkey, there are thousands of abandoned or wild dogs who exist by foraging on the diseased carcasses of chickens, dumped by egg-factories in the area.

Local authorities who by law must provide shelter, food and medical care for the dogs, do not do so.


One of thousands of homeless dogs left to fend for themselves in the Turkish town of Tepecik.

There are two municipal feeding stations for the dogs but never any food in them. The only sources of water are streams polluted by effluent from local factories.

When an animal lover exposed the scandal, the authorities took him to court, alleging he killed dogs to create bad publicity for Turkey.

The area where the dogs live consists of forest, wilderness and fields. There are 200 chicken farms in the area and a large number of fertilizer factories. The dogs survive by eating the carcasses of diseased chickens dumped by the farms and, we are sad to report, by cannibalism of puppies.

Network for Animals has exposed shocking conditions at the chicken farms – conditions that breach Turkish law and international hygiene standards. Because so many dogs are dying, we are lobbying the government to test the level of toxins in streams polluted by fertilizer. So far, the authorities have not honored promises to do so.

A small animal shelter has been constructed near the town which houses only 50 dogs. We later obtained a sworn confession from a former municipal worker saying he and his colleagues had been forced to illegally kill or abandon some 14,000 dogs over a 20-year period on the instruction of local officials.

NFA lobbied the Turkish government asking the officials to step in and ensure that the dogs have the humane care prescribed under Turkish law. Action was promised but the situation remains unchanged.


Network for Animals Executive Director David Barritt feeds street dogs in Turkey.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, we support the HUGS Foundation, an equine rescue charity in Bodmin, set in a rural environment. HUGS is a haven for abused, abandoned and neglected horses and ponies. HUGS always tries to find homes for rescued creatures, but more often than not, they remain at the sanctuary for the rest of their lives due to their histories of mistreatment and need for specialist, long-term care. HUGS tries never to turn away innocent creatures in need.

One example is six miniature Shetland ponies, a moorland pony and a donkey who were at risk of being slaughtered because their owner became to old to care for them. HUGS saved them. Among them is Oscar a donkey who has met his true love – Dude, an orphaned foal, orphaned pony siblings Herbie and Gus, and Igor, a tiny white pony who suffers from Dwarfism. Igor is now part of HUGS’ well-being program, which provides support to children, the elderly and veterans.


An NFA team member visits a rescued pony at the HUGS Foundation in the UK.


In 2022, Russia initiated a brutal military invasion of Ukraine, sparking a devastating conflict that continues to affect countless civilians and animals in the region. Network for Animals was one of the first animal welfare organizations on the ground, and we remain dedicated to providing emergency aid to innocent, four-legged victims amid this ongoing crisis. 

Your donations are used to provide critically needed food, shelter, medications and vital veterinary care for the vulnerable dogs and cats of Ukraine. At the time of writing, we are actively working with four partners on the ground in Ukraine to reach war victim animal victims in desperate need.


One of the Animals Guardians of the Animal Guardians Program carries a severely injured dog towards shelter and treatment. Network for Animals supports and funds the work of the Animal Guardians in the Ukraine.

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