FAF cattery in Harare, Zimbabwe. FAF cattery in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Latest in Southern Africa


In Mauritius, we support Second Chance Animal Rescue (SCAR), a sanctuary for 167 unwanted cats and dogs. With no suitable animal shelters in the region, founder Sameer Golam was taking rescues into his own home. In December 2021, Sam was ordered to remove the animals from his house. The shelter faced potential closure in February 2022, and every animal under Sam’s care was at risk of being seized by the local municipality and killed. Network for Animal raised the funds to (temporarily) move the animals to safety. We have also found an appropriate replacement location and are financing the construction of a brand new shelter for the animals.


A sick kitten rescued by the Second Chance Animal Rescue (SCAR) organization which Network for Animals supports.


Protect Xai-Xai’s Furry Friends (PXXFF) in Xai-Xai

Network for Animals supports a cat and dog sterilization clinic in the rural area of Xai-Xai in Mozambique. This sterilization program hasn’t only curbed the birth of unwanted animals, but has helped to improve the overall health of the animals of the region.


Network for Animals team member Carla Saayman observes vets working during a sterilization campaign organizes in conjunction with NFA partner, Protect Xai-Xai’s Furry Friends, in the coastal village of Xai-Xai, Mozambique.

South Africa

Calvinia, South Africa

In the impoverished farming town of Calvinia in South Africa, hundreds and dogs and cats are suffering the effects of a devastating, years-long drought. The drought has destroyed this Northern Cape farming community and in turn, left the people and animals starving. We work with partners on the ground to sterilize the animals of Calvinia’s Blikkiesdorp township and to provide critically needed veterinary care, treatment and food to the hundreds of dogs and cats who live there. Since our work began there in 2021, we have helped bring hundreds of animals back from the brink of death, conducted several mass sterilization drives, and delivered literal tons of pet food. We continue to work closely with the community to help keep their animals healthy and fed.


A kitten with a severe firecracker injury is treated and cared for at Roatan Rescue, a shelter supported by Network for Animals in Honduras.

Cat Trapping and Sterilization Network (CTSN)

In Cape Town, South Africa, we support the work of CTSN which cares for feral cats in industrial areas.


A Cat Trapping and Sterilization Network (CTSN) team member assists in the trapping of a feral cat for sterilization and treatment in Cape Town, a program supported by Network for Animals.

TEARS (The Emma Animal Rescue Society)

Network for Animals supports the TEARS (The Emma Animal Rescue Society) Cattery in Cape Town, South Africa, which cares for some 150 cats at its shelter, by providing funding for much-needed food, vital search and rescue missions and veterinary care. All the cats in TEARS’ care have been previously abandoned, abused or neglected, often rescued from the city’s poverty-stricken township areas.


Network for Animals team member Andrea Matthee at The Emma Animal Rescue Society cattery in that NFA supports in Cape Town.

Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels Pet Rescue focuses on the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of domestic animals that are Forgotten, Abandoned (abused), Lost, Lonely, Emaciated and Neglected (FALLEN). Network for Animals has been supporting Fallen Angels for the past five years through providing food, funding sterilization drives and assisting with emergency dog and cat rescues and rehabilitation.


A small puppy receives veterinary care during a community campaign in Mitchells Plain organised by Fallen Angels Pet Rescue Haven with the support of Network for Animals.


Dogs are often condemned to lives of misery in the Westlake township, located in the South African city of Cape Town. Rife with poverty and crime, animals there are often subjected to neglect, starvation, abuse, dogfighting and over-breeding. We support Fur-Get-Me-Knot, a small group of volunteers who are dedicated to helping the animals there. Together with Fur-Get-Me-Knot, we help the animals of Westlake by providing food, medical care and vital vaccinations, and sterilization. We also educate owners on how to properly care for their animals.


Network for Animals team member Taylor Kirkby feeds a street dog during a campaign in the Westlake community in Cape Town, South Africa.

KZN Valley Dogs

Every Sunday, KZN Valley Dogs ventures into South Africa’s Valley of a Thousand Hills near Durban to feed and provide medical care for mistreated dogs in rural and impoverished communities. Here, dogs are exploited by illegal syndicates known as “taxi hunts.” This barbaric sport sees groups of up to 30 men and packs of more than 100 starved and frightened street dogs set out to kill. Dogs in these hunts are deliberately starved and are then sent to hunt small animals. Dogs are rated and bets are placed, and those that don’t “make money” are killed, often in gruesome ways. Even more are abandoned with broken bones and festering wounds.

Working with a small group of good-hearted volunteers, Network for Animals seeks to change the horrific situation for dogs in this area. We support KZN Valley Dogs by financing rescue missions, critically needed food and emergency veterinary intervention for countless battered and bruised dogs.


Network for Animals campaign director Luke Barritt comforts Duke, a sick dog rescued by KZN Valley Dogs. Network for Animals provides funding and support to KZN Valley Dogs so they can continue to rescue dogs like Duke.

Shaygam Newman

Hangberg is a South African slum near Cape Town, where 28,000 people live in grinding poverty and squalor. Riots and lawlessness are commonplace. The area is a base for gangsters involved in illegal dogfighting. Working with local activist Shaygam Newman, Network for Animals has made substantial progress in feeding and providing veterinary care for the community’s dogs.

Orphaned as a child, Shaygam was so abused by a drunken uncle that he slept on the streets, finding love with the street dogs who kept him warm at night. He swore to repay the dogs, and today he is their voice, their champion.


With NFA’s help, local animal activist Shaygum Newman rescues and cares for many dogs in his community of Hangberg, South Africa.


The dire economic situation in Zimbabwe compounded by COVID-19 has left countless animals sick, starving, homeless and dreadfully neglected. We help to support several partners on the ground there, including the Friend Animal Foundation (FAF), which cares for around 145 unwanted cats. We also support feeding, sterilization and treatment programs in Harare and Bulawayo in order to help improve the lives of the cities’ street cat populations.


Network for Animals supports the Friend Animal Foundation (FAF) in Zimbabwe. Pictured above, Network for Animals team member Debby Querido visits the FAF cattery in Harare, Zimbabwe.

The MARES Community Cat sanctuary (MCC) was established in 2023 by the founder of our long-term partner, the Matabeleland Animal Rescue & Equine Center (MARES) in Bulawayo. MCC is the only animal shelter in Bulawayo helping kittens and cats, as the local domestic animal shelter usually euthanizes them as soon as they are brought in. Our support has helped cover life-saving veterinary care, treatment and rehabilitation for a number of their cats, including Sheba, a street cat found with such terrible injuries that her back legs were paralyzed. She has since made a full recovery. MCC also runs regular trap-neuter-release programs to help curb the birth of unwanted kittens, and cares for kittens and cats until they find loving homes.


Our support has helped cover life-saving veterinary care, treatment and rehabilitation for a number of their cats, including Sheba. Credit: NFA/Taryn Slabbert

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