The tragic animals of Greece cannot catch a break. Those who survived devastating wildfires across the country in July and September are now fighting for their lives as floods engulf central Greece.

A DEADLY CYCLONE could KILL all these animals! 1Credit: Karditsa Shelter: Evi Thanou

Storm Daniel, which recently made landfall in the country, is the deadliest Mediterranean cyclone in recorded history. Homes have been demolished and swept away, and entire villages and towns have been submerged. Some buildings are sunken beneath five meters of mud and water.

On top of the cyclone, storms have now dumped MONTHS worth of rain over already-submerged regions in just a DAY.

A DEADLY CYCLONE could KILL all these animals! 2Credit: Karditsa Shelter: Evi Thanou

Animals are STARVING, HOMELESS, TERRIFIED and ALONE! We must help them, please!

As terrified people fled the floods, pets were left to drown. Animal shelters have been destroyed.

It is an unmitigated disaster for animals, and the survivors need your help right now.

A DEADLY CYCLONE could KILL all these animals! 3Credit: Karditsa Shelter: Evi Thanou

Thousands of pets, street and farm animals drowned in the disaster. In some of the worst cases, chained pets were left to die as water rose around them. Can you even begin to imagine their panic – their utter terror?

Animals’ carcasses lay strewn across the wreckage left by Greece’s worst cyclone in modern history.

In crises like this, we are always ready to race into action for animals who need us and, working with partners on the ground, funded by your support, we are able to help save the lives of countless animals in distress.

A DEADLY CYCLONE could KILL all these animals! 4Credit: Karditsa Shelter: Evi Thanou

Exhausted dogs, swimming for their lives, were scooped up by our teams on the ground. They were covered in oil and dirt, and one had been fighting for his life with a broken leg.

Animals’ sheer determination to live in the face of abandonment and disaster is truly humbling, and now that they have fought so hard to live, we MUST help them recover.

“Literally, villages look like straight out of a horror movie.. . the same terror [the animals] have suffered, and all those who managed to survive this tragedy [are] plucking in the rubble for some food, for some clean water…” – Eye witness account

A DEADLY CYCLONE could KILL all these animals! 5Credit: Karditsa Shelter: Evi Thanou

Our partners, including Greek Animal Rescue (GAR), have rescued hundreds of animals, and the number will rise as more storms are expected. All the animals need food, shelter and warm blankets, and many need veterinary care for their injuries. We also know that more rescue missions will be needed, and we really need your help to continue funding these critical operations and life-saving care for rescued animals.

“All the animals that were saved are struggling to [stay] alive. Food [is needed] for goats and sheep, because all the stored hay and clover in sheds has been destroyed. Animals will not survive sickness and the coming winter!”

A DEADLY CYCLONE could KILL all these animals! 6Credit: Karditsa Shelter: Evi Thanou

Our teams are working round the clock to help as many animals as possible and are rushing to arrange temporary shelter and provide veterinary care for flood victims.

The animals need YOUR help right now, and this is a heartfelt plea on their behalf: please, donate right away and help us continue our work to save their lives. Donate as much as you can for the stranded and abandoned animals who have no one but you.

For the animals,

IMAGINE the FEAR and PAIN… a happy little dog… abandoned by her family… then brutally hit by a car and left to cry, suffer and die. 5

Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founder and CEO
Network for Animals

P.S. Images of desperate animals battling the floods will haunt our nightmares. We MUST continue our urgent evacuation missions to save abandoned pets and street animals from the worst kind of death. Please, donate as much as you can right now and help us rescue, shelter and protect the desperate animals of Greece.

Banner credit: Karditsa Shelter: Evi Thanou