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As the new year begins, sadly, the harrowing Israel-Gaza war continues, leaving a grim trail of death, destruction, and despair in its wake.


Immediate action is crucial!

Countless innocent animals, particularly donkeys and horses, are suffering immensely in a dangerous war zone in Gaza. Severe restrictions on accessing the area have left these animals starving, frightened, and in peril. Our team on the ground in Israel is risking their own safety to rescue, feed, provide shelter, and care for as many helpless animal victims as possible.

BUT! Our team cannot continue their life-saving work for war-victim animals without support.

Each moment counts, and your support can dramatically change the fate of these creatures during these extraordinarily challenging times. Please, will you join us in this urgent mission to save lives and bring hope to those who cannot ask for help themselves?

Please help us to take action by donating today!

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Right now, the toll of the Israel-Gaza war on equines, particularly donkeys and horses, is critical – many are malnourished, injured, traumatized, and struggling to survive, especially in Gaza, where the flow of food and medicine across the border remains extremely limited.

Can you imagine the agony of these poor creatures? With little to no access to food or water, countless donkeys and horses are literally starving to death in Gaza as you read this.


Please help us to take action by donating today!

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The situation is critical and time-sensitive: We must act now to save the lives of countless donkeys and horses trapped amid conflict. Our mission is to serve as a lifeline for as many of them as possible, offering sanctuary in a secure environment in Israel. Amid the chaos of war, together with our trusted partners, we have already provided rescue, food, and medical care for approximately 100 donkeys and horses, liberating them from the terrifying grip of war in Gaza.


Despite these massive challenges and access being heavily restricted by the military, we are glad to report that animals are making it out of the war zone, and we are helping. However, due to security concerns, we cannot mention details about our rescue operations. What we can assure you, however, is our unwavering dedication to the survival and long-term safety of these animals and the urgency of our mission.

Our track record speaks for itself. We have been active in Israel and Palestine for six years. Even before the war broke out, working in Palestine was difficult and sometimes dangerous, but we established good working relationships, which are now proving to be life-savers for animals.

With your help right now, we will continue to conduct emergency rescues of horses and donkeys in the worst-hit war zone areas. Please, donate NOW.

Please help us to take action by donating today!

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Your contribution today, no matter the amount, will save equine lives amid this catastrophe.

Rescue vehicles need fuel and supplies to reach donkeys and horses and transport them to safety. Once in a haven, the animals get immediate medical attention, and those who have suffered severe trauma or injuries will receive rehabilitation. The cost of animal feed has skyrocketed because of the war. Your donation will also help to ensure we can secure a steady supply of high-quality food for the animals.

If we can raise $10,000 (£7,870), we will be able to conduct three emergency rescue missions to save as many tragic war victim donkeys and horses as we possibly can.


Please help us to take action by donating today!

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Your support could be the difference between life and death for a trapped horse or donkey in the war zone. We must do everything in our power to get them from chaos to safety. So please, be a hero for war victim animals in their darkest hour of need by donating generously to Network for Animals today.

For the animals,

Gloria Signature

Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founder and CEO
Network for Animals

P.S. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! War waits for no one. Together, we can save countless equines and bring them the hope, safety, and comfort they so deserve. Please donate right now.

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