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The Israel-Hamas War is a terrible crisis for animals. After seven months of death and destruction, negotiations for a potential ceasefire are at a standstill. 


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Right now, Israel has focused its military operations on a city called Rafah in the southernmost part of Gaza, which serves as a key entry point for aid. Reports from the frontline have told us that the situation is so desperate that dogs are eating dead bodies.

Shockingly, starving dogs have begun eating DEAD BODIES on the streets of Rafah.

Both domestic dogs whose owners are either dead or displaced and wild stray dogs are scavenging for whatever they can find to eat – even if that means feeding on the corpses of dead humans – as they struggle to survive in the throes of war-torn chaos. We must rush aid to these defenseless animals IMMEDIATELY.

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Together with our partners in Israel and Palestine, we work around the clock to distribute food, evacuate animals from conflict hotspots, rush medical care to injured animals, and secure vital supply lines in dangerous territories

BUT! Our teams are completely overwhelmed right now and desperately need ongoing support to continue delivering critically-needed food and evacuating animals from the warzone for crucial veterinary care. 

Our team working in Palestine is inundated with so many injured donkeys and cats rescued from Gaza that vet bills are crippling our ability to help them. Many donkeys are in such terrible condition that immediate hospital care is essential.

The animals need us to rush critically-needed food and medical treatments.

Please help us save them by donating RIGHT NOW!

As the war grinds on, animals caught in the conflict are abandoned amidst violence and destruction. Dogs, cats, donkeys and other animals are the forgotten victims of this terrible war, fighting for survival without food, shelter or care and wandering in the ruins of what were once their homes.

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Animals rescued from Gaza urgently need food and immediate, life-saving hospital care.

Please donate generously today!

Too many animals have already died. It has become more and more difficult to remove animals from the warzone and rescue missions are risky and politically sensitive. We can help because, over the last six years, we have established a network that is proving invaluable during this chaotic period. 

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Apart from our rescue operations, we help deliver food to hungry, trapped and suffering cats, dogs and donkeys in warzones.

Sometimes, the challenge seems overwhelming. Militant forces restrict access to high-conflict areas, where the need is often the greatest. Food, fuel and medical supplies are increasingly costly, and evacuating animals can be extremely dangerous. Every rescued, fed and treated animal is a victory on its own.

We and our partners are ready to do everything we can to help, but we can’t do it without YOU! Can the animals rely on you today?

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P.S. Friend, with the war raging on for over 200 days, we are being swamped. Please help us raise enough funds to rush food to starving animals in the warzone and settle an overdue vet bill so we can treat more animals in critical need! Vulnerable creatures need your help now more than ever, and every contribution has the power to save lives. Please help us rush urgent aid to these defenseless victims now!

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