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In the midst of the devastating war in Ukraine, countless animals on the frontlines face grave and imminent danger. Abandoned, starving, injured and shivering with fear, these forgotten four-legged victims of war truly have no one to turn to but us.


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As Russian forces advance and donations dwindle, the thousands of animals we have been helping are in SERIOUS TROUBLE, and the NOWZAD-supported animal shelter in Kramatorsk, and others that rely on our life-saving aid face total destruction.

Our mission remains clear: to mobilize and do everything in our power to rush emergency aid to the animals who rely on us SO heavily.


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The lives of thousands of animals in Ukraine hang in the balance, and we must act FAST.

Every passing day, the shelter is filled with the anxiety of potential encroachment, the fear of needing to evacuate at a moment's notice, and the looming threat of depleting food and medical supplies, which would mean complete disaster for the animals we have worked so hard to protect.

We are deeply concerned about the situation on the ground, especially in the eastern city of Kramatorsk in Donbas. The conflict spares no one, least of all the helpless four-legged souls we are committed to safeguarding, as the advancing forces threaten to plunge the region into deeper turmoil.


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Terrifyingly, the Russian military is making advances at three critical points, ominously closing in on the shelters in Kramatorsk. With the frontlines a mere 20 miles from the shelter, the proximity to the fighting puts the shelter and the animals we've promised to protect in immediate jeopardy.

Should the Russian military gain control, the fate of all the dogs and cats would be sealed unless we take decisive action right now to prepare feeding and medical supply routes and evacuation plans.

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Credit: Eva Fomycheva/Donbas Frontliner

We must brace ourselves for the worst. However, everything in Ukraine is expensive as vital supplies become scarce.

Your support will help us secure these vital resources, including dog food and medical supplies, and in these critical moments, we once again lean on your generosity to make an impact.

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Credit: Oleksandr Ratushniak/UNDP/Ukraine

We urgently need funds to stock up on animal essentials. We are in dire need of raising as much support as possible, so we humbly ask you to donate as generously as you are able today.

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P.S. As the situation in Ukraine rapidly deteriorates, the fate of thousands of terrified animals hangs in the balance. The shelter built in Kramatorsk, supported by our partner NOWZAD, and others like it are in imminent danger as the Russian military advances. Every moment we delay could mean a disaster for those we've vowed to protect. We urgently need your help to secure food, medical supplies and possibly facilitate a safe evacuation of the dogs and cats. Please, we're counting on your generosity now more than ever. Donate today to make a lifesaving difference.

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