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November 29th 2014, 1:30am. After days of monitoring, a Network For Animals team spot and stop a vehicle on the Philippines highway, suspected to be part of the Dog Meat Trade. The cargo is shocking.

Inside the car were crammed large polythene carriers, filling the back seats and trunk of the vehicle. The smell was wrenching. The bags contained the bodies of butchered dogs.

As soon as our team stopped the vehicle, the driver and passenger attempted to flee. The driver escaped, but we managed to capture his accomplice, had him arrested and will now take him to trial.

We counted the bodies of the dogs. There were 50. All murdered, without a thought for the fear and agony they would endure. Only a thought for the profit that would be made by their illegal sale.

Our team members closed the episode by digging a grave for these 50 poor dogs and burying them.

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