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Almost a month after earthquakes wreaked havoc in Turkey’s southern province of Hatay, a two-year-old Doberman named Sila and her three newborn puppies miraculously emerged from the rubble of a demolished building.

Sila’s owner had desperately pleaded with rescue teams to help retrieve his beloved pet from the ruins, but no one was able to successfully break through the wreckage. That changed once local animal rescue team Mayako hit the scene.

After hours of drudging through the debris, the team finally managed to reach the basement where Sila was trapped. What they found was simply astonishing: the resilient creature had not only survived for 28 days, but had also given birth to three puppies. Their survival was thanks to a large bag of dog food that was left in the basement. After being reunited with their delighted owner, Sila and her pups were taken to the nearby city of Adana for treatment.

When devastating earthquakes struck Turkey and Syria in February, Network for Animals immediately joined forces with HAYTAP (Hayvan Hakları Federasyonu), an animal rescue team on the ground helping to pull cats, dogs, birds and even farm animals from the rubble in Antakya. Thanks to your continued generosity, countless animals were saved from the wreckage and received food, medical care, safe shelter and love.

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Image: Twitter/@FundacionTomy | Banner Credit: BBN News

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