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Late last year a young couple were travelling through Montenegro when they came across a homeless puppy on the street. Being dog lovers, they scooped him up and brought him to a local dog shelter.

Luckily, this shelter was  a Network for Animals’ supported organisation. Volunteers working at the Azil Municipal Pound near Kotor gave this poorly young pup the food, water, warmth, and love needed to help him back to health. He was named Nik.

This story gets better, as after a few months of being looked after by volunteers at the shelter, and home visits organised through Network for Animals, Nik was on his way to Belgium to go and live with the couple who had found him and brought him to the shelter all that time ago.

Nik is now happy, healthy, and absolutely loving his new home with his new family. He has two other dogs to spend time playing with, a huge garden to run around in, and most of, lots of love from his new owners.

Nik has been incredibly lucky to be adopted, but there are many more homeless dogs just like him who need your support. You can find out more about the shelter here and donate to help other dogs like Nik on the streets of Montenegro.


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