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One of the biggest problems my team in Greece face is abandoned dogs knocked down by cars on busy roads, where the poor animals are dumped by uncaring owners.

These dogs die where they fall, their last moments spent in agony.

The other day my team spotted yet another dog lying at the side of the road unmoving and apparently dead. They stopped to check and found that he was alive – just barely alive, but still breathing. They rushed him to the vet where X-rays showed a fractured skull and bones broken in eight places.

In an emergency life-saving operation a team of vets carefully pinned the bones together. It was touch and go but he made it. The dog they named Hope is now healing fast.


Hope is about a year old and he has a big frame, but he weighs half what he should. He is being loved and spoiled by my team and putting on weight. If all goes well, he should make a full recovery, be adopted and live a full and happy life. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that because of the support of caring people like you, Hope’s story will have a happy ending.


But, there are more than a million street dogs in Greece and I need your help to care for as many of them as we can. Most street dogs are abandoned pets. The country’s financial crisis is so severe, people can’t afford to feed their dogs, so they dump them in Aspropyrgos, a huge, semi-rural area near Athens that includes several dangerous gypsy camps.

The dogs become "ghost dogs," so called because when our team feeds them, they appear, eat and then disappear into their hiding places like ghosts.

It’s winter in Greece and as you read this ghost dogs are cold, hungry, lonely and afraid. Many are sick and injured. I have pledged that my team will feed as many them as possible throughout the harsh winter. I can only do that because I believe that as animal lovers, you and others will donate to allow us to continue our work.


I have been fighting for the ghost dogs for three years. Together with our partner organization, Ghost Dogs of Aspropyrgos, we feed, provide veterinary care, sterilize and neuter street dogs and try to find them loving homes.

It’s tough, sometimes heart breaking work and it’s expensive.
Hope’s operation alone cost $3,500.

I must help dogs in distress in Greece and I can’t do it without you. Please if you possibly can make a generous donation to Network for Animals today.

For the animals,


P.S. The truth is, the dogs needs are so great, I sometimes lay awake at night worrying where I can find the money, but I will not abandon them and that’s why I am asking you to please find it in your heart to help me help them. Please, donate what you can afford today.


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