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You may remember that a few months ago, Bella was found on the side of the road in Jordan, unable to walk after having been knocked over by a car. She was howling from pain and was only able to drag her back legs across the ground. Situations like this are a regular occurrence in Jordan, and Bella is one of the many dogs who suffer this sad fate.

A kind passer-by rescued Bella and took her to our partner, the Al Rabee Society for Nature and Animal Protection, where she was given immediate veterinary care. X-rays revealed that while Bella sadly had a broken back, her spinal cord wasn’t severed. This meant there was a chance she might one day walk again.


Network for Animals has been supporting the Al Rabee shelter in Aqaba, Jordan, for the past two years. The owner of the shelter, Rodica Tomah Athamneh, does an excellent job of caring for more than 400 dogs, but the sad reality is that special needs dogs like Bella require specialized and ongoing rehabilitation, which is difficult to find in Aqaba, and very expensive.

News of Bella’s condition reached the Casa Bau dog rehabilitation center in Italy, and they agreed to offer her a spot, free of charge, provided Al Rabee could pay for her airfare. Here, she would receive the specialized care and rehabilitation she desperately needed.

As a shelter constantly operating on a shoestring budget, it was impossible for Al Rabee to cover the $2,000 (£1,600) cost, so they turned to us for help. Bella’s story moved us and then you, and through your generous donations, we were able to get our little fighter on a flight to Italy!


At last, the big day arrived. Brave Bella traveled four hours by car from Aqaba to Amman, where she spent a few days with an animal physical therapist while she waited for her departure date.

Finally, on April 5, Bella boarded her flight to Italy and landed safely. She was collected by Cristina Castellana, a local woman who had previously visited the Al Rabee shelter and fallen in love with Bella.

For the very first time, Bella felt grass under her paws and at last, experienced what it was like to be a happy, carefree puppy. The next day, Cristina took Bella to the Ambulatorio Veterinario Gaspardis clinic in Palmanova where she is currently completing her mandatory two-month quarantine period and receiving specialized therapy with a personal trainer named Agnese.


After her quarantine period, Bella will be taken to Casa Bau in Cazzago San Martino where she will live out her life. Here, she will receive the regular, essential rehabilitation and therapy she needs, as well as all the love in the world.

Little Bella’s story is so special because she has been offered the perfect new home in Italy with someone who is able to give her the love, care and support she so deserves and needs. Your support has given her a life she could never have dreamed of as she lay in agony on the side of a road in Jordan. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts and Bella’s, for giving this special little girl a second chance.

Please keep donating so we can continue to change and save the lives of animals around the world. For so many, we are their only hope.


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