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We’ve just received word from the Starting Over Sanctuary (SOS), our partner on the ground in Israel, that they have located Dash’s mother and that the two have been reunited, all thanks to your donations!

This is the best possible news and the positive update we’ve been hoping for. It means that we can now ensure that both animals are safe and properly cared for and that Dash gets the sustenance and motherly love he needs to recover from his shocking ordeal.

As you’ll recall, Dash was found bleeding, dehydrated and crying for his mother after being stolen from her side and brutalized by Bedouin children in the West Bank. He was spotted by a good Samaritan who contacted SOS. They rescued him and immediately began life-saving treatment on the weeks-old foal.

Dash was in a critical condition and we immediately put out a plea to our supporters for help. He was weak, terrified and desperately in need of his mother. You came to his aid, helping us raise funds to launch an urgent search-and-rescue mission for her. We are ecstatic that the mission was a success, and that mom and baby are together once again. This will give Dash an excellent chance at a full recovery.

However, this little foal still requires months of dedicated, expert care. His wounds are severe and will need ongoing treatment and pain management medication. We also need to ensure that he has the right food to eat to support his recovery and strengthen his little immune system.

Please continue to donate towards his treatment and recovery. You’ve helped him come so far – please support him all the way to his full recovery.

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