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An appalling situation has been brought to my attention that desperately needs our help. Street dogs in the gangster-infested area of Mitchells Plain in South Africa are being horribly abused.

Dogs are deliberately starved, beaten and made to fight to the death.
The poor creatures are used and then discarded like pieces of rubbish.

When my team drove through the area on a search and rescue mission we witnessed horrendous cases of abuse. Sick and starving dogs were everywhere and being stoned for sport.

Nobody knows how many dogs live alongside the 300 000 people in Mitchells Plain, but we do know that the authorities and police are doing nothing to help the dogs or enforce the law. Volunteers do what they can but we have to help. We have to provide support for rescue and spay and neuter programmes and lobby the authorities to clamp down on illegal dog fighting.

With your help, we can change the situation and give dogs in distress a chance at a better life.

Please be as generous as you can today.

For the animals that so desperately need us.



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