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Last week, my team faced death...

...when we broke into a cage to rescue a sweet, gentle pit bull being used as a puppy mill in the poor gangster-ridden township of Vrygrond near Cape Town.

Chained in a cage, without food or water or any treatment for the open wounds on her skin, the poor dog was forced to bear litter after litter of puppies, many of which would be used in the illegal dog-fighting industry.


A few days earlier, gangsters had killed a man a few yards away from the cage, shooting him 14 times until his body parts were strewn across the road.

This is what we faced in rescuing the innocent dog.

Luckily, we managed to get into the cage and rushed the dog to the vet before the gangsters could react - but this what my team faces every day.

In Vrygrond, South Africa, Network for Animals and its partner TEARS are on the ground helping desperately poor people to get help for their pets, rescuing abandoned dogs and fighting the illegal scourge of dog-fighting.

South Africans are suffering from a collapsing economy and massive corruption and animals are facing unspeakable misery. There has been an upsurge in abandoned dogs because people can’t afford to feed them. So, our caseload has shot up and we need to step up our efforts to help.


Without the support of dog lovers like you and me, hundreds of dogs’ face death in Vrygrond or lives of incessant hunger, pain and cruelty.

The situation is so bad that now the local people have taken to skinning and eating cats – something that we have never encountered before in South Africa!

You and I cannot stand by and let this happen.  Please give generously today so that we can continue to give hope and help to dogs in distress in South Africa.

For the animals,



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