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In South Africa dogs are playing a vital role in saving rhinos and elephants from brutal and prolonged deaths. Brave tracker dogs sniff out and chase down poachers who are seeking to kill rhinos for their horns and elephants for their tusks.

These are loving and friendly dogs who enjoy what they do and seem to know that their work saves lives.

Poachers shoot rhinos and elephants and while they lie helpless and critically wounded, a man with a huge knife gouges the horns from their heads or their tusks from their faces. I have seen a baby rhino that had been brutally hacked almost to death because she tried to save her mother from poachers. I have been sickened by the thought of elephants crumpled in death while jubilant poachers dance in glee as they hack out their tusks.


You and I are animal lovers and dogs hold a special place in our hearts. We also know that if we don’t win the war against the rhino and elephant poachers, these majestic animals will very soon be wiped out forever.

Network for Animals has adopted a seven dog anti-poaching unit in South Africa’s Kruger Park. I am so proud of our dogs. Each day our super-dog team and the brave men who work with them hunt down poachers in the huge nature reserve, which is larger than the country of Wales. Some dogs are best at sniffing out poacher’s guns and others rhino horns and elephant tusks.


The Kruger Park dogs are making an enormous difference in the war against poaching and make no mistake this is a war; in 2015, 1175 rhinos were killed in South Africa and the onslaught increased in 2016. Our team is out there fighting the good fight for dogs, rhinos and elephants.

I have promised food and veterinary care for a team of seven super-dogs who are fighting to save rhinos and elephants in a war we must win if these animals are to survive. I can only make this promise because I know my supporters, wonderful people like you, will never let the animals down.

Please give generously so I can help the Kruger Park dogs save the lives of countless fellow creatures.

For the animals,



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