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Network for Animals is the leading organisation, campaigning against Organised Horse Fighting: A brutal blood sport in the Southern Philippines involving horses, incited to fight each other. It is comparable to bullfighting in the level of cruelty and pain it inflicts on the beautiful and defenceless animals forced to be involved.


During July and August, Our veterinarian, Medino Yebron, has been giving lectures to high school students across the Philippines, some with more than 5000 students attending, to make them aware of what Organised Horse Fighting is, and how young people can oppose it.

Network for Animals combines this educational approach with political outreach, and the offer of free veterinary clinics in towns which end organised horse fighting. Out undercover operatives have repeatedly discovered children attending organised horse fights with their parents. It is therefore a vital facet of our campaign that we explain the illegality and cruelty of Organised Horse Fighting to children, before it becomes ingrained in their lives as an acceptable form of entertainment.

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Medino continues his lectures in schools this week. You can support his progress here.


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