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The Thai Animal Sanctuary in Thailand, a haven of hope for abused animals, has been hit hard by the rainy season washing away walls and damaging infrastructure. Despite this setback, the sanctuary continues to rescue animals in need.


“This rainy season has devastated the sanctuary causing terrible hardship. I don’t know if this because of climate change, but I do know that the weather is a massive problem,” said Network for Animals (NFA) Paul Seigel, who visited the sanctuary. “NFA is sending emergency funding so the sanctuary can make repairs and provide urgent care for the animals who live there,” he added.

“We later discovered most of the bones in her right foot were shattered. We think this happy, loving girl was hit really hard on both feet,” says sanctuary manager Denise Emsley.

Hans required extensive and costly surgery and treatment, for vets to save what was left of her front legs. Now she needs a prosthetic limb and NFA is trying to raise funds to help. “Our challenge is that the devastation caused by the rains has to be fixed and we are struggling to provide enough funding,” said Seigel. “We are doing our best but we could really use some help.”

Without your support, so many animals at the Thai Animal Sanctuary, like Hans, never would have even a chance at life and love. Staff are working tirelessly to rebuild.


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