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The Philippines is a renowned tourism and business destination in the western Pacific. Heartbreakingly, it harbours a dark secret: The Dog Meat Trade.

Since first visiting more than two decades ago, and witnessing cruelty on a vast scale, I have been determined to end this terrible trade.

As the video above shows, entering a slaughterhouse is haunting. Seeing collars of the dead hanging from the ceiling. Smelling the remains of the poor animals. Witnessing utter disdain for animal life.

My team stand up for dogs where few dare to tread and I am incredibly proud of their actions. I hope you are too.

No dog should be abducted then caged for days without food or water.

No dog should have their mouth bound shut, then watch in terror as other desperate victims are murdered.

No dog should go through the incredible suffering of the Philippine dog meat trade, then end up on a plate in an illegal backstreet restaurant.

It is your support that will end this horror. Please make a generous donation today, and help Network for Animals stop the dog meat trade once and for all.

For the animals,



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