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The Coronavirus pandemic has plunged the world into uncharted waters.

We hope you and the ones you love, including the precious animals who share your heart and home, are keeping safe.

This time of heightened uncertainty opens a dangerous door - a door that those who broker in animal abuse and exploitation are just waiting to walk through.

That’s why we also want you to know WE ARE STILL ON THE JOB!


Coronavirus or not, street dogs need food and medical care, dogs in shelters need human care. Abused donkeys still need rescue and elephant poachers won’t care about the health of others and so our anti-poaching activities must continue.

Each campaign you have so generously and steadfastly supported remains – and will remain – active thanks to our network of partners and volunteers on the ground around the world.

If you can help at this difficult time, we will be forever grateful. 

We have put measures in place to safeguard NFA’s people while they work; they are in our hearts, but so are you. Forever a friend to forgotten animals, forever a part of this NFA family - your love and support make all we do for the animals possible.

Every health and safety precaution that we can take IS being taken. Our lifesaving work for animals must continue.


Today, we face a common enemy: a virus that threatens the most vulnerable among us. Our humanity and love for one another, including the animals, has got to see us through.

So please, look out for one another.

Text or call your neighbors, family, and friends. Ask after their animals and keep your own furry friends close. Don’t travel unless it’s necessary – and please follow social distancing guidelines as they develop (the World Health Organization website has resources that can keep you current with this).

Thank you so much, again, for being part of the Network for Animals family. We’re all we’ve got in this world, and you matter to us here. Be strong.

No one can predict what the future holds. But please know we’ll update you as often as possible, and always openly and honestly. If you have ANY questions about your donations or the hero’s work you are supporting, email us here – it’s the safest and most reliable way to contact us in these topsy-turvy times. Thank you again. You’re in our thoughts. And if you can send a donation to help the animals please be generous.


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