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Our hearts have broken countless times since we started our tireless mission to help dogs in distress in Greece.

The crushing financial crisis has had devastating consequences for animals, with the BBC now estimating nearly 2 MILLION dogs abandoned and left to fend for themselves on the streets.

Aspropyrgos is a large run-down area near Athens that heartless people use as a dumping ground for unwanted pets. Through your support, our partners Ghost Dogs of Aspropyrgos search the wastelands for these hungry, sick and emotionally devastated animals. Together, we feed them, provide medical treatment, and whenever possible, find them new homes.

In the video above you will see Katerina, a two-year-old abandoned hunting dog. When we found her, she had terrible gynaecological problems including a badly damaged uterus.

We searched in vain for puppies, but only after rushing her to the vet, found out that she was still pregnant. Sadly, the puppies did not survive.

This is devastating, but there is also good news. Thanks to supporters like you, Katerina has made a full recovery and is looking for a new home.

There are thousands of dogs like Katerina that desperately need our help. Please give generously to Network for Animals, and help put an end to this tragedy.


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