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Recently, the Network for Animals team traveled to the remote area of Fraserberg in South Africa’s Northern Cape to help hundreds of homeless and neglected animals. These animals have been dreadfully affected by a years-long drought, that has devastated the community and in turn, the animals. Many animals are starving, unsterilized and pregnant, and all are desperate for help.

A small group of local community members is passionate about helping these needy animals, and they turned to us for help. Through our Little Acts of Kindness program, made possible by the support of our donors, we were able to help fund the sterilization of 148 of the community’s cats and dogs, as well as a video to help support education and outreach in the local community.

It's because of your compassion for animals that we are able to provide this kind of life-saving, life-changing help to animals in desperate need around the world. Thank you, as always, for being a friend to the animals. Tonight, hundreds of cats and dogs will go to bed with full bellies and healthier bodies because of you. Please, if you can, keep donating so we can help even more.

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