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Recently, we told you a tragic story: innocent cats and dogs are being heartlessly dumped along a busy main road in rural Montenegro.

High in the mountains of the Balkan country, the road runs past the foot of land belonging to impoverished farmer Zeljana Delibasic. At least once every two weeks, a couple of traumatized dogs or cats embark on the steep journey to her humble farmhouse.

Zeljana’s heart is as big as her pocket is poor; she never turns away a single stray. However, it got to the point where despite her best efforts to ensure that not one of these animals went hungry, she could no longer do it without help.

That’s when Network for Animals stepped in. We reached out to our supporters and your compassion helped us provide food for ALL 33 dogs in Zeljana’s care, as well as her colony of cats.

Many of the neglected animals were sick or injured, and your donations also covered specialist veterinary care. Dogs infected with the deadly parasitic disease leishmaniasis are being treated and regularly monitored, and the healthy dogs are receiving preventative medication to halt the deadly disease in its tracks.

That’s not all – your donations went even further. Funds you donated have immediately been put to use constructing warm, sturdy kennels for the dogs. With these close to completion, the animals will soon be comfortable and well protected from Montenegro’s unforgiving winter season.

The dogs will FINALLY have a roof over their heads and proper shelter from the elements – thanks to your compassion for animals.

In the coming months, we also hope to begin work on protective fencing to prevent the animals from straying too far from Zeljana’s safe haven.

Thank you for helping us play such an important part in ensuring that these dogs and cats remain fed, sheltered and cared for by their dedicated savior, Zeljana.

They were abandoned once – tossed aside and left to die with no remorse by their owners. Now, they have a chance to live, and they owe it all to you!

We are wholeheartedly committed to supporting Zeljana and her animals. Through your donations, we have already succeeded in supplying them with substantial food and shelter for one harsh winter, but they will require further assistance in the near future, and we have promised to keep helping.

Please continue to help Zeljana’s dogs and cats by donating right now if you can.


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