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We recently discovered San Miguel signage at a restaurant serving dog meat. Please join the campaign to ask them to remove it and condemn this illegal trade.

In March we visited the Comiles 2 Restaurant on the Marcos Highway in the Philippines, a well known and long standing dog meat restaurant in Baguio, as part of our investigations to check whether they were still serving illegal dog meat. While there we noticed San Miguel branding on the sign for the restaurant, a partnership which suggests support by the company for the trade in dog meat.

We have since contacted San Miguel to ask them to remove the sign and issue a statement condemning this illegal and cruel trade but have received no response. We believe that the considerable influence of San Miguel in the Philippines could be a powerful tool in our mission to crack down on this barbaric practice so we want you to help us get their attention.

The dog meat trade in the Philippines is an industry that slaughters hundreds of thousands of dogs every year. Many of these dogs are pets, stolen off the streets by unscrupulous traders who bind the dogs' muzzles and tie their front legs behind their backs. The dogs remain in this condition in the stifling heat, without food or water, for days while the trader accumulates enough animals to fill his vehicle. During the arduous journey to the northern provinces, up to 90% of a load of 100 dogs can die from heatstroke or asphyxiation.

Please contact the San Miguel customer feedback centre to highlight your concerns about the relationship between San Miguel and the dog meat trade. We hope that the powerful voice of consumers will ensure their full backing in stopping this vile industry. You can also contact them via their social media channels.


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