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Network for Animals is delighted to be collaborating with The Emma Animal Rescue Society (TEARS), in a six-month drive to give the hundreds of dogs in Vrygrond a happier, healthier life.

TEARS is a very small organisation and their dedicated  volunteers work tirelessly to improve the lives of dogs in impoverished areas of South Africa. Financial stability is a real concern TEARS,  so when Network For Animals  heard about the wonderful work they were doing, we knew we had to offer our support.

Our goal, with the help of our supporters, is to raise enough funds to enable TEARS to visit the impoverished township of Vrygrond every day for the next six months. Every single dog and cat will be vaccinated, be seen by a vet, and with the permission of the owner, will also be neutered or spayed. We anticipate a near 100% permission rate. TEARS also does its upmost to ensure no pet goes hungry, as well as offering  people advice on training and caring for their dogs

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The people living in townships like Vrygrond can often barely afford to feed themselves and yet they do whatever they can to ensure that their pets don't go hungry. As Cape Town township resident Jole Blaauw explained:


"my grandkids don't have toys but they have a dog. They love him all the more because he is all they have. I could never take him away from them. We can barely afford to put food on the table for my kids and grandchildren, but somehow we manage to find food for our dog Boots as well. We couldn't do without him"


These people are animal lovers just like we are,  but unlike us, are unable to afford, or even have access to veterinary care. Imagine the heartache of watching your pet suffer and being unable to do anything about it. This is why the work TEARS is doing is vital. It is truly changing the lives of dogs and their devoted owners. Network for Animals is privileged to be part of this wonderful project.

[box]Donate now to change the lives of dogs in Vrygrond[/box]


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