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Network for Animals works tirelessly for animals around the world. Some recent highlights of our work include:


Because of the coronavirus, the government locked down the country. We had 48 hours before suppliers closed, to buy food to last the donkeys for three weeks. Without the food, they faced starvation.


It came as a complete surprise to us, but wild caracals still manage to survive in Cape Town, a city of four million people. There are 60 left, who forage into the city at night, but so skillfully they are hardly ever seen. Alas, they are being poisoned by pollutants, and because they’re eating rodents poisoned by humans. We are funding blood tests to see if they can be helped.



In Greece, we continued our work in Aspropyrgos, a place of shame for Athenians who dump their unwanted dogs there. With our partner Ghost Dogs, we feed these poor street dogs and ensure they get medical care. Greece is in coronavirus lockdown and 90 dogs who depend on us are at risk. Our team is feeding them.



In Israel, we are working to relocate dozens of horses and donkeys before they are evicted from the land they live on, and we saved the life of Princess - a baby donkey who cruel children separated from her mother “for fun” and left to die.



On the Indian ocean island of Mauritius, we highlighted the plight of street dogs who get no care from authorities and who are periodically swept up and stabbed in the heart while the next victims watch.

The mortality rate of street dog puppies In Mauritius is terrifying but we are working to help them. We found Gracie, an abandoned puppy whose paw was badly infected and rescued her. We have pledged to help find shelter for her friends.



Last year in the Philippines, among the many dogs we rescued was a feisty mutt called Top who captured the hearts of our team there and moved in with them. Sadly, Top’s harsh previous life had taken a terrible toll on him; blood parasites had infested his body and were slowly killing him. None of the medicines our vet gave him helped and he slowly, bravely faded away before our eyes. Then one night he died, leaving behind sweet memories and our determination to do even more to help dogs all around the world live the lives they deserve. Rest in Peace, Top.


This, on top of all our other work in countries around the world helping animals, from cats to elephants. Our work never stops, the need for help is always urgent. We do our best to respond, providing as much help as our supporters allow us to by making donations. We receive no assistance from any government.

What we do, we do because animals need us. And with your help, we aim to get as many animals safely through this corona crisis.


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