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In November, animals around the world were born into lives of abject suffering on the streets, devastated by war, brutally tortured, abandoned and left for dead by unfeeling humans. Our supporters’ donations made a life-saving difference for voiceless animal victims around the globe.

Here are the animals our supporters helped last month.

Geita, Tanzania

Conducting mobile clinics for overworked donkeys at a gold mine

In Geita, Tanzania, 200 overworked donkeys endure unimaginable pain, hauling heavy loads of discarded brick and rubble in outdated gold mining practices. For over a year, we have been working alongside our partner, the Arusha Society for the Protection of Animals (ASPA), to help alleviate the suffering of these gentle creatures. But the donkeys still need much more help.

We reached out to you with a desperate plea to support phase two of our critical project to help these desperate donkeys: mobile clinics every three months for an entire year to deworm the donkeys and monitor severe cases. Thanks to your unwavering generosity, we will continue to be a lifeline for the working donkeys of Tanzania. Thank you for giving them the care and relief they deserve.

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Credit: NFA/Jo Higgs

Mwanza, Tanzania

Vaccinating nearly one thousand street dogs against rabies

In November, an emergency for street dogs in Mwanza, Tanzania, was brought to our attention. The sickness of one rabid dog frightened locals and they embarked on a dog killing rampage, brutally murdering at least 32 street dogs with sticks and stones, even though there was no evidence they had rabies. We knew we had to step in.

Through your support, we were able to rush our partner, the Arusha Society for the Protection of Animals (ASPA), to the affected region to stop the killing and administer critically needed rabies vaccines to threatened street dogs. Our team, in collaboration with the Lake Zone Animal Welfare Organization (LAZAWO), visited six affected villages and successfully vaccinated 965 dogs against rabies in just three days. This remarkable achievement wouldn’t have been possible without your devoted generosity – Asante sana (thank you!).

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Credit: NFA/Jo Higgs

Montevideo, Uruguay

Funding vital medicines and specialist veterinary care for elderly and disabled dogs

In Montevideo, Uruguay, countless helpless dogs are heartlessly abandoned each year. Many abandoned animals are elderly dogs who have been discarded by their families and replaced with a new, “cuter” puppy. Left to fend for themselves, these aging dogs face starvation and sickness on the streets. Our partner, APA El Refugio, is the only animal shelter in Montevideo for abandoned animals.

El Refugio has a special place in our hearts because it specializes in the care of elderly and disabled dogs who have not the slightest hope of survival on the streets. But with limited resources, no help from the local authorities, and an influx of dogs being dumped outside the shelter, they desperately needed our help. Thanks to your donations, we were able to donate funds to help cover vital medications and veterinary care for the elderly and disabled dogs in our team’s care. Thank you for giving these broken souls the chance to heal and be happy again.

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Credit: NFA/Vic Dobry

Lefkas, Greece

Providing hungry shelter puppies with critically needed food

In parts of Greece, many pet owners do not sterilize their dogs – either because they don’t care, or it simply never occurs to them. The result is a puppy explosion, particularly in rural areas and on the Greek islands. Their ‘solution’ is to deliberately put the puppies on a road where they are most likely to be hit and killed by cars. Fortunately, there is hope for the helpless animals.

Our partner, Little Friends Lefkas, regularly saves puppy lives. But as the cost of food, veterinary care and transport rises, providing these small, vulnerable creatures with the intensive care they need is not easy. We reached out to you, and thanks to your support, we are helping to ensure that hungry tummies are full, wounds are treated, animals are sterilized, and transport can be arranged for each one to reach a loving forever home. You are helping us save lives – one puppy at a time.

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Amman, Jordan

Launching a life-saving sterilization program for street dogs

In Jordan, thousands of puppies are born into lives of suffering every year. These tiny, helpless souls find themselves struggling for survival on the streets, and from the moment they open their eyes, they face brutal dangers. In a country where few people have compassion for dogs, puppies are either deliberately poisoned or injured or killed because of human negligence and carelessness.

Together with our partner, Al Rahmeh, we have been feeding, treating, and caring for dogs in Jordan since 2017. But as funds for our life-saving programs in the region rapidly run out, we desperately need the ongoing support of devoted animal lovers like you. Thanks to your generosity, we are launching a crucial sterilization program to help end the cycle of birth, suffering and death for the desperate dogs of Jordan.

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Credit: Al Rahmeh

Wars in Ukraine, Israel and Gaza

Rushing funds for critical feeding and evacuation missions for animal victims of war

Wars around the world are devastating animals in unprecedented numbers. After four weeks of violent conflict in Israel and Gaza and 20 months of relentless war in Ukraine, the situation for animal victims is critical. Killed in the crossfire or abandoned as people flee for their lives, countless creatures, including dogs, cats, horses, and donkeys, face extreme hunger, injury, and disease.

In times of conflict, we stand with the animals, helping to ensure they are rescued and receive the food, shelter, and veterinary care they desperately need to survive. Thanks to the generosity of animal lovers like you, we have helped to evacuate thousands of animals from some of the most dangerous war-torn areas and with your help, we will continue to rush emergency aid to war-victim animals. Thank you for being a lifeline for countless animals left hungry, bleeding, broken and alone during terrible times of war.

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The Seychelles

Purchasing medication and paying a kennel hand for an entire year to treat shelter dogs

The islands of the Seychelles are a heavenly destination for sun-seeking tourists but a hellhole for the street animals who live there. Homeless, starved and riddled with blood-sucking parasites, the animals are facing a crisis and urgently need our help. Our partner, the Seychelles Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (SSPCA), is one of the only organizations helping street animals in Seychelles, but with scores of sick and starving animals in their care, limited on-hand help, and rapidly diminishing resources, they are on the brink of disaster.

We reached out to you for help, and once again, you came through for animals in the most desperate of need. Through your support, we will help cover the cost of critically needed medicines to treat the animals and pay for a kennel hand to ensure that dogs and cats are kept healthy, happy, and comfortable at the shelter. Thank you for giving them this relief.

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Credit: NFA/Byron Seale

Latest Updates

Kotor, Montenegro – Sterilizing suffering street kittens. Through our Gloria’s Little Acts of Kindness Program – made possible entirely by your generosity – we donated towards a crucial trap-neuter-return (TNR) program led by our partner, Kotor Kitties. Through your support, 3,000 cats have been sterilized in 2023 alone. This will help prevent thousands of unwanted kitties from being born into lives of abject misery on the streets. Thank you for your continued compassion for cats! Read more.


Credit: Kotor Kitties

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe – Miraculous Melody! Rescued by our dedicated partner, MARES, Melody the donkey faced the very worst kind of abuse. But in the nurturing environment of the sanctuary, and alongside fellow donkeys, Melody is making remarkable progress despite being blind. Your donations made her recovery possible, and she is SO grateful. Watch the video…


Credit: MARES

Thessaloniki, Greece – Feeding abandoned dogs in need for more than a month. Thanks to your support, and as part of our Gloria’s Little Acts of Kindness Program, we recently made a donation to the Stray Planet shelter. This enabled the team to purchase 51 bags of food, totaling 1,020 kgs (roughly 2,248 pounds), which will feed more than 120 hungry dogs for over a month! Read more.


Credit: Stray Planet

Cape Town, South Africa – Howlelujah Foundation is on the road and saving animals! We recently chipped in with a donation to help the devoted team at the Howlelujah Foundation get their hands on a much-needed second-hand vehicle. With their very own ride, our team can now reach even more animals in need in Cape Town’s impoverished areas. Your donations made this possible, and we cannot thank you enough. Read more.


Credit: Howlelujah Foundation


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