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In September, animals around the world were displaced by natural disasters, left for dead by ghastly hunting rings, and born into lives of abject misery. Our supporters’ donations, gratefully received by the animals, helped make a real, life-saving difference to the lives of many of these pitiful souls.

Here are the animals our supporters helped last month.

Kenya 🇰🇪

Conducting a mass sterilization of Lamu East’s suffering street cat population

In Lamu East, Kenya, more than 20,000 homeless cats and kittens lead miserable lives on the streets. With not a single shelter or veterinary clinic and no government help in the region, the animals are left to breed unchecked.This results in a rapidly growing population of street cats suffering from severe starvation and sickness. The most critical need is sterilization – a humane and effective way to end the sorrowful cycle of birth, disease and death.

Thanks to your compassion, our team of skilled local veterinarians can continue their life-saving trap-neuter-return (TNR) program to prevent thousands of unwanted kittens from being born into lives of immense hardship. Thank you for standing with us to help save the lives of countless cats in crisis in Kenya.

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Credit: NFA Daniel Snyders

Morocco 🇲🇦

Rushing emergency aid to trapped and injured animals amidst a catastrophic earthquake

In September, a 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck the Al Haouz province of Morocco, claiming countless animal lives and leaving untold numbers of survivors trapped beneath the rubble of collapsed buildings, severely injured and terrified. In times of disaster, four-legged victims are often forgotten amid the chaos of saving human life. But we are always there for the animals – and through your support, we know you are, too.

Your donations fuelled critical animal rescue and evacuation missions, covered medical care for critically injured animals, and vital supplies and medicines. Thank you for being the lifeline Morocco’s animals desperately needed.

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Credit: Ark Of Noah

Spain 🇪🇸

Rescuing and rehabilitating brutally abused Spanish greyhounds and other hunting dogs

In Spain, thousands of Spanish greyhounds, known as “galgos”, and other hunting dogs are exploited, abused, and brutally discarded or killed each year by the sport-hunting industry. Here are some updates from our work in Spain, powered by the generosity of kind-hearted individuals like you. Thanks to our efforts, Spain has introduced a new law penalizing pet owners who leave their animals unattended. Fines for mistreatment can reach up to €200,000! This legislation is a step in the right direction for animal welfare and stands as a testament to our campaign efforts.

Purchasing pets in stores or online is now prohibited, and circuses can no longer feature wild animals such as lions or tigers. However, the law still excludes bullfights, hunting dogs, and marine park dolphins. In Cordoba, a powerful demonstration for dogs took place. Our team, along with approximately 200 passionate individuals, is working diligently in Spain to shed light on the harsh conditions faced by these greyhounds and other dogs exploited by the hunting industry. What’s Next: Our movement will not stop here! The campaign is gaining momentum, and we will continue to increase our presence and put pressure on governments to include hunting dogs in their animal welfare laws.

Every step matters! The law signifies progress, but the journey for animal welfare continues.

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Our campaign director, Luke Barritt, leading a demonstration in Cordoba urging authorities to legally protect Spanish greyhounds. Credit: NFA/Dejan Radic

Latest Updates

Greece – Feeding and sterilizing suffering street cats. Through our Gloria’s Little Acts of Kindness Program – made possible entirely by your generosity – we recently donated $1,197 (€1,100) to support Pantazi Cat Group (PCG) on the Mani Peninsula in Southern Greece, helping to feed 60 cats for one month and sterilize 10. We extended our support to Street Cats of Samos (SCS) by donating $1,274 (£1,000) to sterilize 25 street cats. Your continued generosity is making a real difference in the lives of animals in desperate need! Read more.


Credit: SCS/PCG

Johannesburg, South Africa – The heartwarming story of Muffin. The tiny kitten’s tale began under a truck in a feral colony, and he faced severe health challenges. But thanks to one of our dedicated team members, Justine Haralambous, and the power of love, Muffin overcame his rough start in life. This inspiring story is a reminder of the immense joy and love that cats bring to our lives. Watch the video…

Cape Town, South Africa – Langa gets life-saving surgery! This adorable pup was found badly injured by our partner, PlumPets Animal Shelter, in Cape Town, South Africa, after she had been hit by a car. Thanks to wonderful teamwork and our generous supporters, Langa got the life-saving operation she needed. Today, this little champ is back on her paws, filled with boundless love and joy, and ready to find her forever home! Watch the video…

Amman, Jordan – Providing vital veterinary care for resident shelter dogs and strays. Over four years, your generous support has fueled our mission for the Al Rahmeh Dog Shelter. In May 2023, thanks to your contributions, we launched a trap-neuter-release (TNR) program, which will transform countless dogs’ lives. Your donations paid for 22 dogs to receive essential care, including rabies vaccinations. Our commitment extends to the shelter’s 63 residents, and feeding 20 strays weekly, all thanks to your unwavering support. Read more.


Credit: Al Rahmeh Dog Shelter


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