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A few weeks ago, we rescued Phoenix, a poor dog who’d fallen victim to maddened rioters in Atlantis, a slum in Cape Town, South African. Cruel people tried to set her alight and then poured acid over the poor creature as she yelped in pain. She was left with terrible burns. But no one tried to help her, except us.

Now, thanks to our supporters’ help, Phoenix has risen from the ashes. Network for Animals (NFA) is overjoyed to announce that she has made a remarkable recovery. Although she is still wearing a protective cone around her neck to protect the burned skin, Phoenix is ready to find a loving, forever home!

She is full of happiness and the joy of life.

Our partner, Fallen Angels, is taking care of Phoenix, and thanks to them, it was discovered that she was born deaf. But that hasn’t seemed to dampen her quirky, animated character.

Phoenix is living in a new world filled with only love, care and treats. She loves her treats!

She is fully vaccinated, sterilized, and up to date with all necessary medical check-ups. The only thing missing in her life now is a loving family, which we are hopeful she will find very soon.

We are so excited for this new chapter in Phoenix’s life, and are all looking forward to the day she is adopted!


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