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Piglet first witnessed the brutal poisoning of her brothers and sisters. Then her mother. Then Piglet herself was slashed with a machete knife. When that didn’t kill her, she was shot. This poor tiny freckled puppy.

Who, you ask, could DO such a thing? No wonder Piglet was terror-stricken around humans, when Network’s dedicated partner Thai Animal Sanctuary discovered her!

After delivering a tiny dose of dog-safe sleeping medicine, rescue staff gently readied the gravely wounded dog for transport to the sanctuary, and emergency surgery.


Without Thai Animal Sanctuary the next nearest veterinary care is a rutted, four-hour drive away. Piglet’s infected flesh had not only been ripped apart by a bullet, but by the savage hack of a machete too. She would never have survived the long trip.

As an animal lover you can see what Thai Animal Sanctuary is up against. It’s why we’ve partnered with them, and why we're asking you to please pledge a donation to Network for Animals, so we can continue to fund their brave work to help persecuted stray dogs and cats in Thailand.

Reports estimate more than one million homeless dogs in Thailand. Daunting, but by helping cover expenses for ongoing spay and neuter at Thai Animal Sanctuary’s clinic, your contribution makes a massive difference. One careful surgery at a time, you’ll slow the overpopulation cycle.

You’ll also help Thai animals who are swept up in Asia’s bloody dog meat trade. Although there are laws in Thailand against dog meat trafficking, enforcement is poor and criminals take full advantage of the grinding poverty and isolation, and are smuggling strays away for horrible deaths at the dinner table in dog-eating countries like Vietnam and China. It is estimated that one hundred thousand puppies and dogs are illegally trafficked out of Thailand, each year. We have to stop this.


Please help protect dogs like poor Piglet’s family. Please help Thai heroes feed, heal, and rehabilitate Piglet and her friends. Please help us shut down forever the horrific supply of animals to dog-eating countries, and push for  the stronger legislation and stricter enforcement that dogs need.

Piglet is on the mend. She is still traumatized, but gets close to you when she thinks you’re not looking! With your help, she and thousands more will make it. Please make a kind donation today.


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