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Network for Animals is extremely disappointed to learn that the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has opted to ignore the scientific evidence and widespread public opposition to their proposed badger cull plans and will proceed early next year with a devastating cull of badgers.

Not only is the cull inhumane, founded on widely disputed scientific evidence and destined to run into the millions – a cost footed by farmers as well as tax payers – it is also unlikely to make any significant dent in the devastating problem of bovine TB.  The two initial pilot cull areas are just the first step, as the government is likely to roll the scheme into a further 10 areas in 2013.

Network for Animals would like to add our voice to the dozens of animal welfare organisations, public figures, members of the public and farmers who are opposed to the cull.  We urge the government to pursue vaccination trials for both badgers and cattle, and research the development of an oral vaccine for badgers in addition to focusing on improvements to biosecurity.

Andrew Plumbly, Executive Director of NFA said; “The reality of the cull, which includes millions spent on policing, a predicted drop in tourism revenue in the cull areas and bloodshed across the countryside with no measurable benefit, is something that should be avoided at all costs.  The British government should not look for quick fixes, but rather focus on evidence based long term solutions.”

As a result of the government's actions, hundreds of NFA supporters have written to their MP.  Please join them in making your voice heard by using our web platform to write to your MP.

41,000 people have signed a petition against the badger cull on the 38 Degrees campaign website.  Please consider doing the same.

Although DEFRA have sounded a death knell for badgers, we will continue to work with other organisations and do what we can to fight their plans.


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