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In the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte has proudly supported our campaign to help horses being used for gambling in shocking, illegal death matches called derbies.

These bloody fights begin when the sun rises and don’t stop until sunset. Bets are made as two male horses take turns mating with a mare tied up in the middle of the ring and unable to flee the assault.


This and perhaps one other mare will be the only female horses used in the derby. Mounted again and again, RAPED in the name of entertainment!

It is sad and horrifying to see, and the horses need you now. Please give as generously as you can to fund our campaign against horse fighting.

During the derbies, the male horses endure a different kind of torment than the female.

Incited to combat by her scent, the stallions then kick, gore, bite, and slice at each other until one of them submits, flees, or dies. Fights are brutal and gruesome and disturbing.


Up to 15 perish agonizingly in this way each year.

Meanwhile the poor, restrained mare circles frantically in mid-arena, unable to escape their blows. All suffer. Please donate what you can to end this!

You’ll build regular and widespread media coverage on the horse fighting issue.

You’ll launch effective petitions against horse fighting, and powerful talks with high-level officials.

Yes, it will take time.

But you’ll be amazed to know that in less than a decade, Network for Animals has nearly halved the number of horse fights in Mindinao!

These horses should never cry tears of blood – tears of pain! Please help me to reach them by giving to our campaign against organized horse fighting.

I hope to hear from you soon.

For the animals,


P.S. Although organized horse fighting is illegal the power of organized criminal networks running these derbies is very clear, right up to the hiring of local police for crowd control. We’ve halved the number of fights already. But any absence on our part due to lack of funds could be disastrous for horses.


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