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Winter is attacking the dogs of the Zarcovica Animal Shelter, who cling to life on a weather-beaten Dubrovnik hillside. Temperatures have fallen as low as -11°C (12°F), and the shelter has been cut off from public access.

They need our support to make it through winter. Please donate today:

As you may know, the then Mayor of Dubrovnik refused to create a municipal shelter last year and waged a campaign against Zarcovica. In the middle of the night, when there was just one lone woman on duty, he sent armed police to seize 65 dogs and move them to a kill shelter. Just one step in the total destruction of the dogs.


Thanks to public support and Network for Animals’ unflinching campaigning, the Croatian national government stepped in and offered the dogs a reprieve. Late last year, it allowed the shelter to continue to operate, providing it revaccinated all 300 dogs currently sheltered. Our financial support through winter has enabled every one of these vaccinations and the dogs’ survival.

But you can see the desperation on the hillside. We are doing all we can to keep the makeshift shelters insulated and dry, and to keep the volunteers warm as they look after the dogs 24-hours-a-day, but we must to do more. Please make a donation to show your support today.

Our campaigning put the mayor of Dubrovnik under the microscope and he is now no longer the mayor. Elections will take place in May and the former mayor seems likely to be banned from standing because of a previous conviction for corruption. Our pressure and your compassion are having a dramatic effect.

Without Network for Animals’ support, many of the 300 dogs of the Zarcovica shelter might not be alive today. But there are months of unimaginably cold winter still to survive. Please make a compassionate donation, no matter how small, today.


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