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Two years ago Gail Basson sold her house and together with Shireen Williams bought a desolate piece of land in South Africa and formed Fallen Angels, a search and rescue mission for injured and abandoned dogs and cats.




Today Fallen Angels is home to 255 dogs and 40 sick cats.  Dogs like Jagger, who was bred as a fighting dog.  When he became sick some vicious thug threw acid over his face, blinding him in one eye and leaving huge wounds on his face. Then the monster cut off Jagger’s ears.

Fallen Angels rescued Jagger, paid for his medical care and gave him refuge in their sanctuary. Jagger is one of hundreds of dogs that Fallen Angels has rescued in its short existence. People who spot an injured, abandoned dog or cat call Fallen Angels and no matter what time, day or night, Shireen and her team go and rescue them in a huge area around Melkbosstrand in South Africa’s Western Cape.  They take them to the sanctuary, feed and provide medical care, love and pamper them and wherever possible find them homes.


Janet and friends


To the dogs and cats who find themselves in Fallen Angels, Shireen and her team are saints and the dogs reward them by showing their love in wagging tails and happy barks.  Shireen and her team do all this for love of the animals.  None of them draw salaries and they live a Vegan lifestyle.  Their lives are devoted to animals.

They ask nothing for themselves but what they need desperately is a vehicle.  They have no car of their own and rely on volunteers with cars to come to the aid of the dogs and cats in need.  But sometimes in the early hours of the morning no volunteer can be found.  So Fallen Angels has been saving to buy a pick-up truck with a canopy that can be based at the sanctuary and used to rescue animals no matter what the time is.


Janet Guardino with Hilda the dog, Gail Basson with Polly, Shireen with Annie, Charmaine with Snowy and co-founder Lilian Williams


Fallen Angels is doing tremendous work on a shoe-string budget led by a determined team and backed by volunteers, many from local schools.

Will you help Network for Animals help the Fallen Angels?  Network has promised to ask our supporters to make a donation that will not only help buy a rescue vehicle but provide food and medical care for the dogs and cats of Fallen Angels.

It’s amazing how kind human beings can be. Shireen and her team give their lives to the animals. They deserve your support. Please help.


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