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Network For Animals have stepped in to help move the case of a group of elephants through the South African Court system.

Our South African office were recently made aware of a series of photographs taken during 2008, depicting extreme brutality during elephant training in South Africa. Our team were surprised to learn that no legal action had been taken until this year. NFA have stepped in to provide the SPCA with assistance, and to increase political pressure.

We urge you to fill in our petition, to ask the South African president to expedite proceedings

Four elephant calves were removed from their mothers at Sandhurst Safaris. Their mothers were shot dead, and the youngsters were destined for the Eastern Cape facility “Elephants of Eden”, which operates elephant back safaris.

The SPCA argues that when the Eastern Cape gave out a permit allowing the calves to be transported from North West province, it hadn't considered the following:

1. The elephants were being removed from the wild,
2. The norms and standards for elephant welfare had not been applied,
3. The person to whom they were being transported had not requested or obtained permission to keep the elephants in captivity.
4. Consideration was not given as to whether the recipient of the elephants could afford to keep elephants in the long term.

Both NFA and the SPCA believe that the operation was flawed from the start. Proceedings at Grahamstown High Court are now challenging Lisette Withers of the Kynsna Elephant Park, Elephants of Eden, the Eastern Cape Department of Economic Development and Environmental Affairs, The North West Province Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, and the National Department of Environmental Affairs.

Please fill in our petition, to ask the South African president to expedite proceedings

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