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Organised Horse Fighting is a cruel blood sport. It involves the tying up of a female horse in the middle of a crowded stadium, and inciting male horses to brutally fight over her in front of a screaming crowd. It is unnatural, vicious, and barbaric.

Network for Animals has been fighting against Organised Horse Fighting for years, and through working with mayors of towns and local farmers have seen positive changes. Today, we want to tell you about some new developments, which will save the lives of many.

Last month, Network for Animals’ vet Medino Yebron, visited the mayors of five towns in the Southern Philippines. Amazingly, Medino reached an agreement with each of these mayors to end Organised Horse Fighting in each of their towns.

In exchange for each of these mayors enforcing a ban on Organized Horse Fighting, Medino will conduct free clinics for non-fighting horses in these areas. This means vaccinating and providing free medication to horses and their farmers. The agreement means that farmers will be able to better care for and look after their horses, and that these horses will not needlessly suffer the pain and cruelty of being entered into Organised Horse Fighting competitions.

These victories bring us hope. Hope that one day, Network for Animals can end Organised Horse Fighting across the Southern Philippines for good. Help us continue the fight, and sign our petition urging the Philippine president to end Organised Horse Fighting everywhere.


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