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Hangberg, Cape Town, is an impoverished area in South Africa where many dogs endure severely harsh lives. Unemployment in Hangberg is rife, and many people live in rickety shacks with no running water and little electricity. The streets are overflowing with garbage and filth. Gangsterism and drug abuse are prevalent. Outbursts of resentment and frustration towards these conditions periodically flares into violent confrontations with the police. Unfortunately, the animals suffer most.

Poverty-stricken pet owners can barely feed themselves, let alone their faithful companions. And with the COVID-19 pandemic, matters are even worse, as many residents have lost their jobs. It must be heart-breaking to see your beloved furry companion suffering because you cannot get them the food or medical treatment they need. The situation is devastating with dire consequences for the poor animals.

We received a call from our partner, Shaygam Newman. 12 dogs desperately needed medical care. We rushed to the scene.


Shaygam grew up as an orphan and was abused by his drunken uncle. He was forced to sleep on the cold streets, where he found warmth and comfort with the street dogs. Vowing to repay the dogs who cared for him as a young boy, he started 'Shaygam’s Shelter'.

As part of his work, Shaygam has created an alternative for underprivileged youths who are usually tempted to join a gang and then lead a life of crime. It's called ‘Shaygam’s Crew’, who he teaches by example to be kind towards animals. Using every cent he can get, Shaygam makes sure the animals in the area are cared for and protected.

With our partner, TEARS, we arranged for the 12 dogs to be rescued and taken to the clinic, where they were treated for any illnesses or injuries. Thanks to help from our supporters, 12 dogs from Hangberg are now receiving lifesaving care.

One dog, Bruno, was found cold and abandoned on the street. He’d been stolen by gangsters – most likely to be used in illegal dogfighting. When the team found him a few days later, he lay motionless in the street, suffering from a broken leg. Without special surgery, his leg would have had to be amputated. We could not, and would not, let that happen to this poor pup!


Thankfully, donations from our supporters made it possible for us to pay for the (successful) surgery to keep Bruno's leg!

If it wasn’t for the generosity of our supporters, dogs like Bruno would have no hope. Only with your donations can we continue to rescue and help dogs who are sick, alone, abandoned and neglected.

Bruno is a happy and loving dog who deserves the best chance at a good life, and we thank you for making this possible.

And thank you also - with a lick and a 'woof' from Bruno and his friends!


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