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Well managed, legitimate animal sanctuaries for dogs and cats play a critical role in rehabilitating, caring and providing a haven for neglected and abused animals around the world until forever homes can be found. Many people who work in sanctuaries give up their time and money to manage these places and often do it with little aid, and quite often as volunteers.

The lifesaving work sanctuaries do, many of which struggle daily to stay afloat, depends on the generosity of caring supporters.

Sanctuaries often care for animals that have been abused or abandoned and help them recover. They strive to rehome them but when this is not possible many keep them for their natural life. Many of the animals who end up in sanctuaries have experienced some form of trauma.

The cost of adequate care and addressing emotional needs of sanctuary animals can be high. Hence financing and maintaining an animal sanctuary can be incredibly difficult. Besides financial difficulty, many places struggle against environmental and natural disasters.

The Thai Animal Sanctuary is one such sanctuary in dire need of help. It is located on the remote hills of Western Thailand and was recently hit by heavy rainfall, damaging its infrastructure and walls. But despite this setback, the sanctuary continues to be a haven for animals, but they require urgent help.

Rebuilding the sanctuary will take time and adequate funding, and animal welfare organisation, Network for Animals (NFA), has stepped in to help but they require public funding to help restore this once effective sanctuary.

NFA’s Paul Seigel said: “The continued presence of sanctuaries like this for dogs and cats is vitally important. Now is the time for people to lend a helping hand through donations. After all, who else will look after these abused animals?”

“As long as humans continue to exploit animals for financial gain, sanctuaries will be needed. Countless animals rely on the protection sanctuaries provide worldwide, and untold numbers more await rescue and a sanctuary of their own,” he said. “We earnestly implore you to donate generously to NFA today, so we can help the Thai Animal Sanctuary rebuild this haven, so that the animals will have a place to call home until they are found loving families.”

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